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October 22 - TowerClimb on Steam!

I'm pleased to announce that TowerClimb has finally made it through Steam Greenlight, and will be released on Steam in the future!

Linktech said:
Very awesome! Everyone is freaking out! I hope you get crazy rich from this, you deserve it. Haha!
Alex said:
FINALLY! Congrats to you- you deserve the exposure. Amazing, amazing, amazing game.
Lime Fiasco said:
I'm really glad to hear this! I bought the game awhile ago and lost my key so I rebought it again upon reading this news last week. I don't have much money but I think you deserve at least $5 for giving me so many hours of enjoyment on my meager budget. Thanks again and good luck! I hope the best for you and this fantastic game!
torcado194 said:
SWEET!! I'm super happy for you guys! that is very exciting, and you definitely deserve it
Megabound said:
Awesome! I can't wait to add this to my Steam list. Congrats!
joe said:
can I ask if beta-pre-orders will get steam keys down the track? I'd love to support, but I love my steam keys too.
David said:
Is there any news or prediction on the Steam release? I've misplaced my Beta key and am waiting for the full game to come out to buy it again.
Metroidvaniac said:
@Joe; You will get a steam key. @David; This game isn't likely to launch on steam until chapter 2 is finished. Email Davio to get your key again. There's threads in the forums that'll help you out in regards to this.
David said:
Sorry for the inconvenience of messaging back so late. Been busy working on some game-related stuff of my own! Thank you again for the chance to play the game again and support you!
Jon said:
Is there any news as to when the next update will be finished? I'm enjoying the game but am also looking forward to it being a little more polished.
Metroidvaniac said:
Jon, the next big update, including the second half of the game & steam release, has been announced by Davio on his twitter to release in the fourth quarter of this year (between Oct-Dec)
Wasserstern said:
I checked your website again. I know this update here is old and you probably dont see this but I suddenly felt the urge to tell you that I love TowerClimb so much! Keep making games man! Cant wait for the next big update and congratz on the future steam release. I hope you get alot of money, you deserve it.
ABob said:
Congrats man! TowerClimb has been one of my favourite platformers for a while now! I can't wait to add this game to my steam library, keep up the good work!
Auzman said:
glad to see an update AND great news after not checking this site for almost a year!
Ulo said:
When do we get our steam keys?
Roger said:
I was pleasantly surprised to see TowerClimb in the list of Steam's new releases today. Congratulations! Looking forward to more info on how to register our existing copies in exchange for a Steam key, provided that's still in the works. No rush. Hope that the exposure is good for the game, and that TowerClimb attracts the fanbase it deserves!
Master said:
Can we get a DRM free version please? GOG?
Sam said:
Any idea when backers will be able to get their Steam keys sent over? Still waiting on mine :(
Ellis said:
Just heard about this game because of a streamer. Is it true we'll be able to add names in a future patch? Hoping for girl/androgynous names (don't need to change the person sprites other than randomize flesh tones like clothing colors are). Grats for making it on Steam!
Chris said:
I was just wondering if you have any plans to convert the Q3D plugin for Construct 3. It would be extremely useful. Thanks!
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