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August 2 - V1.2 Released

V1.2 is now available in the download area:

Download V1.2

Tons of new content (must have completed the main game), 6 player local multiplayer, and custom control support. Have fun. (please report any bugs on the forum.)

mistersneak said:
Matt said:
I'm guessing fullscreen will never come about? :/
Rob said:
Loving the new update! I'm having a bit of trouble with my controllers though, when trying to walk left or right my character only walks in place! If I jump, then I'm able to freely move him right up until I hit the ground again. In the chapter select screen I'm able to move freely as well, just not while in the real game. If you could help me out I'd really appreciate it! Would really love to play this with my fam.
Quazi said:
Rob, there is a known issue with some d-pads where the controls will not work properly (specifically with 360 controllers). Try setting it on the analog stick if you are using this type of controller until we resolve this bug.
JermEx said:
Duuuuuude!!! wooot!
Xerot said:
Sweet. Problem, though. Like a moron, I wound up deleting the E-mail containing my key from a year ago after purging my inbox. There any way to locate it like in the game or folder, or am I going to have to wait for Davio to dig it up for me? I hate to be a nuisance, but... Bleh. I'm at a loss.
Dyssemia said:
Don't get me wrong, I played through Demons Souls and Dark Souls, but this game.... is killing me. I wanna try out Chapter 2, but I never get further than 10F: Heat. Only with way too much luck I once reached the Ice Stage, but that's it for me. Maybe it is possible to early-unlock Chapter 2 via the "records.tow"? I wanna see something new... :/
Dyssemia said:
Nevermind.... After playing this game for nearly 4 years now (since I read about the Alpha), I finally beat it. I reached the Ruins, and at one part, I thought I was stuck, because the only item I had left was meat and my sword. An impossible jump was up ahead. I tried thrusting my sword to get more height - it worked. Reached F16, lost my revive potion, found a boomerang. God save the boomerang! With this holy piece of awesomeness I survived F19 and beat the game. I'm writing this cause I am shaking as sh*t. Like I said, 4 years. And now I'm through. That's why I wanna thank Davio for releasing the game and keeping it up to date (which I never, ever believed would happen, to be honest). You kept me entertained for 4 years - and going. That's quite an achievement if you ask me =)
3Xistence said:
Finally!! Now i can climb and die in peace! about The bug of controllers: only the X360 Controller doesn't work with D-pad left right?? like others i have my character doesn't move left or right (just loop the animation without moving himself)
Caleb said:
I'm so glad this is out! I've never finished part 1, but this is excellent. Love your stuff! Keep on keeping on!
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