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August 12

New shaders for high resolutions?

evaldusia said:
Oh snap, keep those updates coming, I can't wait for it anymore.
Lime Fiasco said:
I'm so impatient! I want the new update :D Keep up the awesome work! Your game is well appreciated by so many of us!
Anna said:
I hate the game! Only got up to 272 ft. So worth the 5$! It's amazing, so is the music and general atmosphere. Thank you for a great game ^^
JermEx said:
Wow, I didn't expect this but I'm impressed. Great work.
Sothfulhurdle6 said:
I can't wait for more updates this game is awesome, I've finally made it to the conservatory aswell :)
alastair said:
nikie said:
Chris Farina said:
Nice work!!!
namuol said:
I am absurdly impressed with this game already. Could you please write a post or two about the technical bits about the game? I'd love to hear about your use of per-pixel shaders and the procedural techniques you employ to get such a rich variety of <s>dungeon</s> tower content. Please!
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