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June 21 - Multiplayer Co-op and more!
TowerClimb will be receiving local multiplayer co-op in an upcoming update! The update also adds controller support and key remapping.

This will allow you to climb with friends...
-using each other as platforms to get to otherwise unreachable areas
-saving each other from enemies
-"accidentally" blowing up the ceiling your partner(s) are climbing on.

The patch may also contain new game content.
evaldusia said:
My heart stopped, until I read that it's local, still amazing job. Can't wait for this patch to come out.
ahconcertmaster said:
woohoo. Can't wait to blow up my girlfriend.
Maldomel said:
Whoop whoop!! I started to think there would no more updates and content, and now I read this and I am happy! :D Time to climb!
Matt said:
There are going to be very rare cases of me doing some local co-op too, seeming I myself have no controller and none of my local friends really care for gaming. I know this would be a pain, but it'd definitely be interesting to see online/local intranet multiplayer using the same method as games like Minecraft- distribute the server hosting script and let people simply apply the necessary settings. Also, I'm grateful for the keyboard options! Wouldn't mind seeing scalable full screen still though.
mikey said:
ahh nice... but - will there now be a pause key?
Feuver said:
Great news!
rampart said:
Can't wait! This sounds awesome! My friends and I all have great stories we tell about this game. It's so addictive! Keep it up mate :D
Wei said:
Amazing game, the controls are a little tricky at times. I'm looking forward to the controller support as I'm experiencing some minor problems with Joy2Key.
Mac said:
Remapping and controller support will be great, my fingers always get cramped after 20 or so minutes playing with the current bindings. Not anymore though! :D I hope there's eventually going to be an option to have the game in a window that can man moved elsewhere besides right in the middle of the screen and a pause option. :]
Recs said:
Very nice news.
Draxbonai said:
I was not expecting multi-player at all for this game. I think it is an awesome direction and I can't wait to see how it plays out. I know that I'm a walking advertisement for the game. If you do eventually decide to add online/intranet co-op, I can personally guarantee many more sales of this game!
avantar said:
what is the most official unofficial towerclimb forum ?
Kccool2 said:
Excellent stuff! I'm eagerly awaiting this next update, as my girlfriend and I shall be enjoying "bouncing off one-another" lol! Thanks Davio!
JermEx said:
Holy crap Davioware. Multiplayer, controller support, and more content? you DO listen to your fans!!
Kit said:
Davioware, I love you. <3
Greg said:
This is very exciting-what great ideas!
mikey said:
Is everything going well? Any chance of getting a progress report soon?
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